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To be a mod, you need to have a clean karma
It is sometime in june, i think june 4th
Deck-9 was removed from the game due to less popularity 
It only works when about half of the entire number of tankers in that game vote the specific tanker
e.g Suppose the tankers name is 'x'
if only 1 person  votes him, nothing will happen. but if half of the entire match pop. votes him, a moderator will take care of the case
This isn't a glitch, this is just how the  current physics engine of tanki works
Test server codes are exclusive to the official testers of tanki , normal players like us don't have the code and we can only play when there is a need for mass-testing
1. Watch the question of the week on one of the social medias of tanki (i.e facebook, twitter and youtube)
2. Enter the answer which YOU think is write in the comments

Note: all right answers shall NOT be awarded, only the comments with both the most likes and the correct answer will get the prize of 20000 crystals

Clarified a few things ~ MM2
Please state you problem more clearly :-)
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