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XP: a popular format which consists of hornet and railgun only
BP: A comparatively less popular format which consists of wasp and railgun only
XP/BP: This means that you can equip either of the two formats mentioned before

In the check options:

Upgrades: If you disable this, players won't be able to micro-upgrade there tanks
Supplies: If you disable this, supplied can't be picked up from the ground or be used from your own stock
Weapon Change: If you disable this you can't change your hull/turret in the game 
Bonus boxes: If these are disabled, supplies won't drop from the ground (NOTE: Gold boxes can still drop)
Smart Supplies: If these are disabled, you can equip all drugs (supplies) at once 
666_RIP_666 that isnt what happens

@Ulinici-adam unless atleast half of the people in the entire game vote you, nothing will happen
Excuse me kelly? YOu can't call him a noob as he might a tanker who has just RECENTLY been introduced to the game

PatrickL_2014, you can get information of gold boxes here

that awk moment when yall copied me :P
Just go to the tanki online Facebook page
Nothing actually, but keep in mind that it is a wrong thing to do
Because for the higher ranks, the fund is bigger
'Awaiting moderation' means that a moderator has to publish your question so that other can see it. This helps to keep the help section clean and keep flooding to the minimum
Just keep playing and soon  you will have a large sum of crystals ;)
You can also get them through, refferals, gold boxes, daily reward and rank-ups