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It all depends on your skill ;) and if you find it too hard, you could go to a battle which is easier for you to compete in. Hope i helped :-)
sorry mate but you got it wrong, a gold box can drop at any fund. The only thing is, that the chance of it falling is 1/7000 everytime the fund grows.
Actually, there is no way to know the dimensions :-(

but you could make a private battle and test what you want to ;)
.....thecobra24 yes, but the application is CLOSED
sup dawg :D  seeing that you are an admin i wanna ask a question, are there going to be new positions for this help site ?
Are you SURE you are allowed to put a 'chat mod' avatar as your prof pic ? :I
and btw, that requirement has been closed, now, only tanki picks tankers who could be of value for the community using spectator mode
this isn't a violation as she isn't saying anything bad about girls.

On another note, no clans are separated by race/gender. There are many clans which are  a mix of both genders :-)
As himalayan said, they ARE working in the other modes. You might have been confused by the description which said : it doesn't give an advantage in team battle. UNfortunately, the description was poorly worded and it meant that the xp will be added to your rank-bar (the one on top) but won't give you the same amount of xp in the team score table.
not really, as when you do that, the moderators tell you to write your question in the ideas and suggestions section. And by write a letter, do you mean PM ?

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