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You could check out this topic, hope i helped :)
And the /vote function is only used to report people who are violating the chat rules
Godmode_ON is a mysterious tanker who uses a paint unique to him (devil) and normally plays deathmatches. Some say that once he is killed, 3 gold boxes are dropped.
It means that another tanker in the same battle had reported you or somebody else for one specific reason. Don't worry, only if half of all the tankers present in the battle report you, a chat mod will come to settle the dispute. Otherwise, you are safe :)
And if u mean to 'tanki' it is not possible
It is not possible to do that, but you can press the 'Del' button to self-destruct.
Excuse me? If you mean to change your 'nickname'  it is not possible unless you change your username entirely
The chance of it dropping is random and it is not possible to know if a gold box is going to be dropped or not
You could take part in newspaper contest, facebook battles, official contests and many more! And if your are 16+ you could apply for a position in the tanki staff.

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