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Hello! Please download using Google Chrome. It says harm file because, not many users have downloaded TO client and it's basically new to the internet and thus, all browsers have the tendency to show "Harmful Application". While using google chrome, click "ALlow" Button, if it asks for Permission and install the TO Client and enjoy playing! I Suggest that, you need redownlaod the TO Client Freshly. :) Good luck! Hope you will be able to play! ;) If it again doesn't download then check on the internet on " How to prevent google chrome( Or any other browser) From preventing me from download any Application " Best of Luck! :D

The main problem according to me is the TO Server. Because, when you go to Overcrowded servers, the server won't be able to handle all the players and thus will produce lag, as Multness has stated Below. So, go to less crowded servers and use TO Client, it will all be okay. ;) Good luck! :D

Us the Tanki Online Game client, And it can be found on TO Homepage: :) Hope it helps! :)

Hello, I've also experienced this bug. What you've got to do is that, Re-Install ethe Adobe Flash player or Update it as Shoaib has said. It might start working! :) Btw, are you using My Tank ( A Client) Or TO"s OFficial Client?

Bro, download the new TankiOnline game client from the mainpage of TO, and play using that. It might work fine. Please post here, after you have done that. :) Good Luck! :)

See this one: By Shoaib:


While it is always recommended using the latest version of Flash Player, sometimes problems are encountered in a new release that were not present in a previous release. If you are unable to work around these problems and they block functionality you rely on, rolling back to a previous version might be required until an update is made available.


Follow the procedure below to roll back to previous version of flash player.

  1. Uninstall the current version of Flash Player. Here are the instructions.
  2. Download Flash Player package (313 MB).
  3. Extract the zip package.
  4. Open folder named "22_0_r0_209" and run "flashplayer22_0r0_209_mac.dmg". (You will need to close all the browsers to continue installation)
  5. After the installation is complete, open Tanki Online in Safari. If you see this button , follow the guide here to load Flash Player content without updating it.
  6. Don't update the Flash Player to version

Here is a video guide:

Enjoy the game! :)

And also, Check this topic in the forum:

Try playing on chrome rather than safari or Firefox. This problem is due to the recent update of flash player. :)

Download the new Tanki online client from the Homepage and play. :)

Either update your flash player, or Download the new tanki client, which can be found on the Tanki online homepage; and please share whether you have this problem, after having done what I told. :)