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Well, at the moment you will not be able to see the email which is connected to your account. The alternative that you can do is,  you can click on "send email to the registered email" in the settings and then check each and every email account of yours to check which email is registered to.

No, you can complete the next 5 steps and then buy it for free. :) 

Logout using the "X" mark on the top right corner of the screen. :)

M0 protection modification will offer you 10% protection against a specific turret.

M1 protection modification will offer you 15% protection against a specific turret.

More info:

Just click the red color "X" button on the top to log out. Try this and then report the outcome. Thank you! :D

Nice! Will chrome be okay for future destroying? :P

If you mean referral, then:

  1. Click on friends icon.
  2. Click on "Invited users".
  3. Click "Copy pink"

Thats all! :D

Is your screen resolution 1920 x 1080 by default?
This seems to be a bug. Even I had this problem and like I already said, I restarted the client and it worked okay.
Why don't you try Chrome/Mozilla?

Lots of changes have to be made. I can PM any of you guys with the changes, if you want.

50% is the maximum protection that one can equip against a specific turret. Hope this clears your question. ;)