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Well, you can share your artwork in the "Creativity Area" of the forum.

BUT, if you want to win crystals, then there must be a contest.

In the latest VLOG, there was a contest where players were supposed to share their artwork depicting a scene in the VLOG and the best among them received crystals. That is how you saw them receiving 50K crystals

The place to share your creativity

Woops, sorry. Didn't notice that. :) 

Hello, Gellor.

I understand your situation.  The thing is, you will get the M1 modification's visuals for free ONLY after you reach the required rank. But, until then, you can play with that M0 having the same stats of stock m1 without the visual appearance of the M1.

The reason is, your ISP doesn't allow you to connect to Tanki Online servers.
Even thought it might be bitter, it is the truth.

The same thing happened with me. I was connected to my Collage's network which doesn't allow access to games. So, when I tried loading Tanki Online, it showed this error. Try changing your internet/ Service provider.

Well, how about you try clearing the Client's cache directly and see if it helps. Here is how you do: the link is here.

Have you got a screenshot? You bought the Osaka kit, right?

Why are you unsatisfied..? :(

Additionally, to what scientist said, check this out:

After some of the recent updates, you will not be able to create a battle without a pro pass, sadly. :(
Though, you can join some of the systems made battles using the "Play" button which does not require a pro pass.

Can you explain the situation more clearly..? I can't understand your question. Who said that he/she will give compensation? Which kit did you buy..?