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Only certain gift cards from certain countries are allowed. [USA]

More info here:

Hello! This is because you were having the beginners pass which gave you the bonus. The beginners pass lasts only for 3 weeks. It must have been over, and that must've been the reason why you didn't receive the bonus.
The definition for beginners pass:


While the Beginners Pass is active, the player will be getting 50% additional experience points and 100% additional crystals from every battle played. If you have Premium Account and Beginner's Pass at the same time, their bonuses add up, which means that the player receives 2 times more experience points and 3 times more crystals in every battle.

Duration: 3 weeks.

Please note that this pass doesn’t increase your score in team battles. It affects only experience.


The reason is, your ISP doesn't allow you to connect to Tanki Online servers. Even thought it might be bitter, it is the truth.

The same thing happened with me. I was connected to my Collage's network which doesn't allow access to games. So, when I tried loading Tanki Online, it showed this error. Try changing your internet/ Service provider.
Well, if you speak about rules, it doesn't violate it unless you use any hacks. BUT, the TO devs aren't responsible for any harm caused to your computer such as DDoS, spyware attacks etc if you use this. So, think carefully.

Paypal doesn't allow you to buy in Rubles [Russian currency]
But, you can buy using other currencies, though.

Tanki Online devs have said that it doesn't violate the rules if you try to buy using Russian currency IF you are not a Russia. But, this is not advised because Russia's economy is low, and so if you buy using Rubles, the money that the devs get will become very low.

Due to some inability and bugs, you won't be able to log out of your steam account. :(
Official declaration here:


All kits available for your rank will be in the Shop permanently.

But, since you are in a middle state. Ie., M3s haven't been unlocked, while M2s have been fully unlocked, there isn't any kit available for your rank. More info here:
As you can see:  

There is no kit available for your rank other than the Supplies Kit. This is the reason why you are not able to see any kits in the shop. ;)
Just rank up to the next rank and then you will be able to unlock all the M3 kits. :D

Your account will NEVER be deleted, whatever the circumstances may be. [Except blocks due to Hacks and illegal activities, ofc]

The only other possibility is that your nickname can be taken. And, this happens because of the new Nickname Database update.
More information here:

And, it is written there that:

"Important information for those who are worried about losing their tank!

First of all, don’t worry! Even if you lose your nickname, you will NOT lose your account. In fact, inactive accounts will simply be renamed to free up the nickname, and you will still be able to access your account, even if it has lost its nickname."

More FAQ information about this update is written here:

How does it glitch?If the glitch is something where the garage and battle list doesn't load, then try clearing your cache Here is how you do: the link is here

If you use a browser, then go to the settings and clear its cache.