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my email reply:

Tanki Online Support

Fri, 1 Jan, 12:56 (2 days ago)

to me

Can you check it again? We've made some changes.

when I wrote an email to They solved my problem

"Show notifications" is enable. I removed all my friends from list and sent them a request. But they still can't invite me to group and they get  same error as before. Can you check this yourself? Maybe it only gives this error for my account. In the Flash version, my friends invited me. But in the html5 version, no one has invited me yet, but I can invite them.

I can invite my friends but when they want to invite me, it gives the following message:

{ALLAH}1375 disabled invites. Invite cannot sent

I have problem still. please fix it for me.

in flash version my friends could invite me but in html5 cant

Hello,I bought Magnate in the HTML5 version but I usually buy these special bundles from both versions. I have tried several times and each time it gives the same error. Please fix the flash version problem.

I now understand that this problem is not unique to Augments , but everything I change is not applied in the game while is applied in the garage! Yesterday everything was fine but today this problem has arisen. Please fix it quickly. I can not make any changes to the equipment in the game.

It only happens in  html5 version 

For example, when I replace EMP immunity with Heat immunity , standard  is equipped, not EMP immunity!