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No, Tanki X has not been released yet. Right now, you can sign up for beta testing. Every once in a while, Tanki will select a few hundred users who signed up for this beta to actually test out the beta. You just have to be lucky to be part of this group.

You can actually download Tanki X right now (I have the link but not sure if I can give it out), but you won't be able to do anything since you need a special code to be able to actually play Tanki X.

Can you provide us with a picture of what is going on? The bonus will look something like this. Maybe you pressed "ESC" (escape) or ENTER after you got the bonus, which might have closed the pop-up

As long as you press "claim reward" for that day, you can do anything you want with the other missions. If you choose to only complete one mission and not do anything to the other two missions, you will not break the chain

That happens to me sometimes (Im on mac). Not sure of the exact cause, but I think it has to do with ghosting, or when I hit CMD + arrow key. I usually hit 'enter' to open chat, then hit 'enter' again to close it, and it usually works for me

Yes, you can have as many accounts as you want. To switch accounts, press the red X in the upper-right corner of your Tanki screen. This will log you out.

Not sure about any of the technical stuff you mentioned (GPU), but try standalone flash player - it offers a pretty significant boost to your FPS.

I tried your username, and it works now

Do you have this button in your settings page?

If yes, just click the button again, and you should get another email

If you see this:

Enter your info and hit save, you should get another email

Just sitting back and waiting for someone to do the work for you, eh? Not gonna get far in life like that..

Try, PaymentWall says it's for "questions regarding payments". imo it's your best bet.

Good luck, in Tanki and in real life..