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No, you cannot. Test server accounts are entirely separate from the ones on the main servers.

Invite codes are like a second password that each Tester is given. (Testers are players who speak fluent Russian and help the developers discover bugs and glitches within the game.)

Only Testers, Candidate Testers and Developers have invite codes.

During mass testing the test server gets opened for everyone who wants to join.

Hello, Promo codes can't be claimed in the Mobile version.


1.  Please watch these articles Click.

2. Make sure the chosen country match the country specified in your PayPal account.

3. If it doesn't work please contact the Tech Support using this form.

Unfortunately you must agree with that fact because developers don't cancel updates.

We can't closely specify a time to expect it. All what we know is fact that the developers are working on it.

If you rarely check news and announcements page on forum or announcements in game you should watch next  official tanki online vlogs on youtube channel Tanki Online EN, check sometimes in your app store or tanki online wiki also ask chat moderator on chat if it was issued.

The developers are working on it.  Keep an eye on the news and announcemenets to know when this happens.