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This happens sometimes. Try to re-spawn - let your enemy kill you once or press Delete to self-destruct, then you'll be able to play normally. If you continue experiencing the same problem after re-spawning, change your browser and try again.
This is the Clans section of the forum. When you find a clan that interests you, log in and make a post in the clan's topic, informing the leader that you want to join the clan.
Most of the time refreshing the page will help you. You experience this problem most likely because your internet connection is not fast enough.

If you're using Wi-Fi, unload the channel as much as possible by disabling softwares that use internet connection. Restart the router.

Hey! If you continue experiencing this problem, try using Standalone Flash Player. Click here for instructions!

There aren't many players who have the paint Gladiator. They are the members of the clans All IN, DoW, A&D, Epic Guards, Arm Pride, WooD's, Husky, Armada. You can contact one of the members.