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Make sure they use your referral link when they register.

If the video is not monetized, you can use it in the video. If your channel/the video IS monetized, you cannot use them. 

Only helpers of the game have an avatar. This was done to make them easily stand out in the crowd so players can address them with any problems or questions they may be having. Giving all players the ability to have avatars is not planned.

If you only press Spacebar to shoot, the game doesn't count it as enough activity. You also need to move your tank or turn the turret occasionally for the game to consider you as an active player. 

You don't need to do anything with it, just wait for a reply.

Isida doesn't regenerate health anymore, though it can still heal your teammates.

More information.

Please wait for a reply from Help Desk. If you've clicked the verification link, they will receive your IP and confirm you're the owner of the account, then will contact you.

640064ae.png Impact force is what makes your hull flip. The greater the force, the easier it is to hit and flip tanks. You can see the Impact force of each turret on Wiki or in their Garage descriptions.