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Hello me too,this is my problem too,completed that form,so can I get my password,acc's name:Kockasajt33

Hey pls help I have forgotten my password,and unfortunately my e-mail adress too,I've already wrote to,and completed the form,I got a message to my e-mail,in which appeared the already compeleted form(of course it was empty) pls help 4days ago happened it pls help me,I dont wanna start another one:(

with little o after K

Acoount's name: KOckasajt33,I can verify that I'm the real owner of account.

What to do if I forgot my email address? btw I wrote here and i got a message,in which was this link again,and every time when complete this form,get this link again.I lost my password and e-mail too,any help?pls