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use visa mastercard

first: put pin number

Second: put expiry date

third: put card holder name

fourth: CVV2 number


You can also use it with a gift card, credit card, and debit card

there should be an option of a crystal box dropping in pro games

OMG, i just got a promo code in my gmail

and they should change the 1000 crystal sign to ???

I think a gold box shold be rised 50 crystals for every rank you level up starting at warrant officer 1

i have caught 11 gold boxes

1. i got 5 from a friend named Icecube135_FX, he had 20 and gave 5 to me

2. i got 10 gold boxes from 2 containers and gotten only 3 from it, because i gave the rest to my friends and 2 got stolen by strangers

3. i got 3 from an empty battle where only 2 or 3 people are on it

so basically, catching a gold box is based on luck

i am only a warrant three but i bought some 50 gold boxes, if anyone need gold boxes, come and friend me and tell me why you need them