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Hmm, that should not be so easy. But what is the purpose of video it this is already known bug?

Restart of game is not solution, it happens each the time. 

If this is known bug, when it will be fixed?

Yes, this is not something happened only once, this last for months.

Before it was 'blinking' flag(s) and that was great, we see all the time status of both flags(without need to turn over map to check where is flag)...

(Some good things like that should not be removed)

Lags would imply that I have this problem from time to time, not all the time :(

In game:

FPS: around 60

Ping 20-40


In 8 of 10 cases, this "...and then additionally restores 3000 hit points over 3 seconds" will not occur! It stay only at initaial 1000 HP! Even if I'm not under fire("will be interrupted if any damage is sustained").