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mods close this topic plz

Hi, this is probably because they caught an april fool's gold box which gave them invincibility for a minute. When a player gets this gold box, they get about 96% protection from all turrets, which makes you do very little damage on them.

If you lucky then you can also get premium account from containers for free.

This is a bug with lower modifications of turrets, developers are working on it.

Unfortunately, this is not possible.

Well if it has been fixed then no big deal. This type of issue "404" happens when the client was able to communicate with the server but the server is not responding to requests. It should and most probably is very temporary.

nvm i figured out that the drone has a time limit of 3-5 seconds, turns out i was activating double damage WAY too early

Hi, this is because in the few updates that have happened a new feature was introduced called matchmaking.

If you are in the battle list, there should be a big green button called "Match Making". Click on it and then click on the mode you want to play on. Screenshot example:

If it says "Your account has been suspended due to (Reason)" It is a forever ban however you can contact Tech Support if you think it was a mistake.