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Well this section is not for complaining, also doing so will lead to nothing so dont waste your time yelling at tanki.

Well that happens to me too. 

I deal 80% damage then someone steals my kill bur i still get some xp. 1 xp.

Well try playing deathmatch for some time.

Try to switch browser, it may fix problem.

Boot pc in safe mode, and disable all startup items, follow instructions here


Reboot pc normally

You can have 2 similar missions, like earn xp in tdm and earn xp in battles.

If it happens again, try using standalone flash player.

In some cases it works better than tanki client.

If you can shoot normally but you dont deal damage, then... i dont know.

If you cant shoot at all, your keyboard is ghosting.

Ghosting happens when few keys (usually 3) are pressed and next one doesnt respond. 

Change some controls, such as wasd to esdf or space to b and problem should be fixed.

Ratings were introduced in 2015. 

Only some details counted before. 

Also, if you see high rank players that have m0 smoky hunter with 0 hours played, they left game long time ago, even before the major rebalance in 2012 if i am not wrong.

On that rebalance, all items were refunded and garages were empty, with bunch of crystals.

Pass for +30% experience

Premium account 7 days (+100% crystals & +50% experience & pro battle access)

Double crystal pass (only for buying)

And with recent update, logging every day while premium lasts you will get

2500 crystals

3 repair kit

10 double armor

10 double damage

10 speed boost

10 mine

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