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Hey there Frestor,

If you've be exposed to the theft of your account you can contact the tech support regarding this via answering a few questions about your account through this form.

Best wishes getting your account back ASAP!


I suppose you mean that you've lost your crystals by saying your account is zeroed, therefore, try contacting the tech support concerning this matter. As stated above, using this form.

Hey there,

The best method to rank up quickly regardless of owning premium or not is to usually play the customized CP battles (which could be accessed through your purchased PRO battle pass). You could also upgrade your equipment to a better stage in order to have a greater advantage over your enemies to quickly climb the ladder of ranks. MM battles are great for the same purpose too. It eventually depends on your rank and/or current equipment.

As stated above, your account has been permanently terminated, they, unfortunately, have nothing in hands to do.

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I don't think that's the right place for you to place that question here, you should've used the forum instead.
Anyway, I guess the ranks are based on the russian military ranks.

Try using a different browser, refrain from using Chrome or Opera because both of them have a negative impact on your gameplay.

Send a screenshot of your clan page

I guess it was caused by the recent lags on the general server.

Then simply avoid destructing yourself whenever you have a little health left.

Of course you can still get it, no specific odds but it's very rare to get this kind of paints.
You can still check the availability of getting Spectrum and similar paints from here.