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You can't.  And i doubt they'll 'fix' it because that's the way they designed it to be with the new 'Matchmaker' update.  Sucks, don't it?

I just plain stopped playing since i can't select a non-pro battle arena.  If enough folks quit playing, maybe they'd decide to bring non-pro battle selection back.

I also experienced this problem. Battle would begin loading and bar would get to about 1/3mm from end and no further. A failure would appear telling me that i was removed due to inactivity. My internet speed is good, i ensured i had the latest Adobe Flash and even cleared the cache. Nothing worked. I normally run all programs and games (including writing this) in Firefox. I switched browsers to Internet Explorer and tried loading the battle again... it worked!

Apparently, for some reason, the latest Tanki update doesn't like Firefox. Try switching to a different Internet Browser and see if that helps.