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i dont get a ink because when i go to submit my request it says error

I never got a link... just an error message when i go to submit the form.

I am trying to contact support and I get this error (see below) and then i never get a verification email.. also i have been trying to buy crystals for three weeks now and no matter what method i use, paypal, debit card or credit card, after we put in the information and hit submit we get an error message that says payment failed please try again later. it is not my accounts as i have checked them and they are all ok and active. it is somehting on tankis end. please let me know how to fix this by emailing me at [removed].

Application for failed payment

Thank you for contacting us.

For us to be able to process your request, you will need to verify it by clicking on the special link that we have sent you via email, at the addr

I have emailed them 3 times over the past week and a half and gotten no answer.