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dude, if you have lost the connection or internet goes offline then we loose all the funds and when we re-enter the game you have to do everything from start. Good luck !

i don't have Master/Visa but i have Debit can i use it to purchase?

thank you bhai it works now :) i understand that it was due to loads of cache memory.

Sir i want to have a request to you that i am in final year of my degree and i am becoming an IT professional so can i get job in tankionline like server maintainence or tankionline support helper etc

wow that's a nice video, brother Shoaib where are you from? if you don't mind you can tell me................and thanks for helping with my questions :)

bhai shoaib,

Sir.............. rail, thunder, freeze mo and firebird all have penetrating powers and only shaft does not have :( ..............can i ask why its penetration has been removed??