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[Removed] Google Chrome now only works on Tanki whilst Safari and Firefox doesn't. Google access user details through Google Chrome for various nefarious reasons. Google can access users webcams when using Google Chrome and is another reason to avoid using Google Chrome. Perfectly 'calm' and perfectly truthful but no doubt will be censored by you or Tanki as it is something you do not want players to know. Thank you!

I can't believe Tanki has censored and removed a message stating that Google Chorme access user details! Russian censorship applies in Russia as you haven't got freedom of speech but obviously freedom of speech doesn't apply here too on Tanki! All my comments are from my own personal experiences which I can state in a clear and concise way! Nothing is rude or offensive and stop censoring my comments Tanki! In Russia you can't speak the truth but in the UK and the rest of Europe we can!

I forgot to add! Since I tried Google Chrome my Russian spam emails have shot up by over 1000%! Used to get the odd message requesting marriage now it's 5 or 6 messages an hour and lots of other links in Russian! This is the only game I play from Russia and the only Russian website I have ever visited and since I started using Google Chrome to play it the email traffic from Russia has gone up massively! Why is that Tanki?

Yeah we all have the same problem. I think we need to put $ dollar signs in our posts as that is the only thing that will interest the Tanki staff!

I use the stated browsers and the game doesn't work. The problem is Tanki and their inane and constant updates. Stop updating the game and update the staff and replace them with people that actually know how to update a game!

Plug-in failure for me me too despite downloading and updating Adobe Flash Player and the latest version of my browser. I don't understand why Tanki needs 'updating' all the time. Looks like it's because they are just greedy and want more and more money. If a game isn't broken it doesn't need fixing! Now Tanki has updated the game so much it is broken and they can't be bothered to fix it!