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Found out about using Google Chrome with a Mac. It works! Safari as you know isn't doing it. Playing like it should. Use Chrome.

Seems like it all started about 3 days ago. What did you do Tanki??

Yes, see my comment above about Standalone flash player

  1. I used the Standalone Flash player to ease last nights frustrations. It works, and you can play. But the graphics are awful, rough and underdeveloped for this day and age. It sucks. Too bad this is on Tanki's end and they can't get it to fix, because I'm sure there are other players aggravated over this nonsense who haven't spoken up. I mean out of nowhere, there had to be some sort of tweak that occurred, and we're screwed. Try the Standalone, but expect low quality graphics and other issues we used to have ages ago on some of Tanki's upgrades- like "turn off all backgrounds, chat, etc so it-can-work stuff" FPS warning. Come on Tanki I love the game, so please find the plug-in issue and fix it.

same issue here too. I cleared my browser history and updated everything on my Mac. It was working fine 48 hours ago, and today I keep getting the Plug-in Failure too. What's up??? I love this game....missing it tonight sucks.