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Usually whenever their is an unexpected server restart the battle ends and everyone gets their crystals. If you see in one team where everyone in that team got 0 crystals, that's only a visual glitch and I'm pretty sure that they got their crystals.

When you click the 'Download' button does something like in the photo below show up?

Unfortunately yes, killing in parkour mode is allowed. If you want to parkour it's best to grab some friends and  go in a private battle.

I also got this problem once. I rebooted my modem and reopened the client then it was working just fine for me. If doing so didn't help you I would suggest running the game on Google Chrome or on Standalone Flash Player

As mentioned above ^ , this problem is caused by lag. The best solution to this is to reload. You can minimize this issue by running the game on Standalone Flash Player or on the official client.

Did you try running the game on the official tankionline client? You can download it from the homepage:

You can find the correct download links and all you need to create tanki maps on the forum. More info can be found here:

I think it's for the current V-LOG contest or the past 'The game'. Maybe the developers haven't removed the command yet.

Make sure that you have your alteration on. Check if your turret menu has the alteration's photo.

Unfortunately yes, killing is allowed in parkour mode. It's best to grab some friends and create a private battle for parkour.