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When you downloaded the steam version of tanki, open it and click ' Log in ' then enter your nickname and password.

Let's say you have smoky m0 and you fully micro upgrated it to m1 you need to reach the rank required to unlock the m1 modification so that you can get it but be careful, if you reached the rank where you unlock it's m2 or m3 then you won't be able to get it's m1. You will only be able to purchase its highest modification which is available for your rank.

The reason why your screen becomes green is most likely due to overheating. Check for dust in your vents and fans. Make sure everything is clean and air can flow.

The reason you cannot play tanki smoothly is that you need a gaming quality graphics card. This is easy
if you use a desktop, just purchase a decent one, but if it is a laptop then you are out of luck and need to lower your settings.

I found some interesting things about your problem and maybe it's solution. Check out this webpage for more info:

Follow the steps below.

  1. Uninstall the game client.
  2. Go to: %APPDATA%/../Roaming/TankiOnline
  3. Delete "Local Store" folder.
  4. Re-install the game client.

If it automatically logs you into an account, click the

icon in the upper-right corner and click "Yes" when it asks you if you
want to quit. It should display the homepage. Now click on "Play", and
it should display the login screen. Next time, don't check the "Remember
me" box if you wish to be asked to login to your account(s) every time
you open Tanki Online.

They usually take 1 to 7 days to change nicknames.{If all the requirements were met} The best to do is to refill the form and send it.  Spamming emails to the helpdesk won't help.

Use firefox only to do the download and return to chrome when you have the software installed on your computer.

Check if you have slow internet connection, if you do, reboot your modem.

If that didn't help try running the game on Google Chrome or Standalone FlashPlayer or on the official client and tell us if its still the same.