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THANK YOU SO MUCH! IM FINNALLY IN TANKI X! But the way O signed in, it appears public! My code still didn't work! I just had to enter my E-Mail and some account information! How come my code wasn't needed? And you said wait till' Monday? Did Tanki X go open beta on Monday? Did they open Tanki X to the public finally?!

It looks completely official and I found nothing fake about it! The whole e-mail was legitimate! Why doesn't the key work?

I don't know if since I didn't find the e-mail until yesterday when it was received in my junk mail 8 days ago that the code is outdated (it shouldn't be!), or if that it was a fake. The sender clearly says <>

Nope! All caps didn't work eighter...

I've tried using spaces instead of dashes, I've deleted all the dashes, I've used all lowercase letters, But I will try all caps.

I just tried that and it says that it is still incorrect. I even meticulously typed it in one by one. Response: "Incorrect Invite Code."

OK. I will try that. But theres one thing: I've seen videos of players who copied and pasted and had no problem.