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I wish I could. Like I said, I'm using Ubuntu, and there isn't a Linux release yet AFAIK. I can't get standalone flash player to work either.

Just to be clear, both my Tab and Enter buttons work fine.

Sadly, it doesn't work. I even went into the ~/.macromedia folder on my system and cleared all the shared objects from there. It's weird, though. When I go to the settings site (since I'm on Firefox, I get the glitch where the settings dialog is unclickable and I thus need to use the macromedia site) and set my site data to 0KB, I don't get a message the next time I log into Tanki.

On the bottom of the Tanki X website there's an icon that seems to mean it has linux support, but I can't find a dedicated client either. Please release one soon; in my experience as a dev for a different project linux packages are easier to put together than windows packages.