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Yes, this once happened to me. i was trying to buy 10 gold boxes on PayPal, but it keeps on saying that anti fraud this. I contacted tanki and I got it fixed

I always used to buy with Subway gift cards. I saved up my money, and I used to buy so many golds. I really wish they will be back soon!!!!!

Guys, this is why the gold box very very rarely drops on low ranked accounts. Because I saw it the v-log, like when you destroy a legend, it gives about 10 crystals to the battle fund. So if you destroy a Private, it adds around 1- 1.5 crystals (I think) to the battle fund. So if you destroy say a Sergant, it adds around 2 crystals. So the higher the ranks, the higher the gold box posibilites.

About 5 days ago, I was playing on a First Sergant account, and there was a double gold box! I did not take 1. Why was there a double gold box? Because I think they made the battle fund x2 and about there it was a 1 in 5000 chance of a gold box drop and I was playing with up to W.O.2. Hope it helps!