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If you are using a web browser, clean the cache.

Use Standalone Flash Player it is recommended for TO.

Do not use VPN, it can make your FPS and Ping worst. If you lose your account the help support will use your IP address to get some informations and if your IP doesn't match because of the VPN, your account return might not be possible.

Verify if you are doing it in the right way here.

If it still does not work contact the help support. { }

It's easier to purchase items using a paypal account but you can see the other means of purchasing items by clicking the buy button and so on..

Try using StandAlone FlashPlayer it is recommended for TO.

Clear your browser's cache so that the browser downloads the files again.

Use Stand Alone FlashPlayer

If the problem persists use a web browser { I recommend Mozilla Firefox }

Clean your browser's cache.

If your purchase was a failure, you could have reported the matter. { Only if your money was taken }

Contact and tell them your problem they will be pleased to help you. { About your block }

1. Someone might be trying to enter your account at the same time or when it was already active.

2. Do not enter the same account using two different web browsers / tabs.