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Chrome works. Graphics suck. Chrome is the last option. Safari, Firefox don't work. Standalone Flash Player doesn't work. Flash plugin downgrades don't work (Tanki prevents them from working!!) The client might work - but it's all in Russian and you can't even figure out which game is what - so if you're working on missions - forget it. And it crashed.

Yes. It worked great!.... until yesterday. Now it doesn't work at all.

This is one of those serious problems for which Tanki Customer "Service" seems to have an endless supply of "solutions" THAT DO NOT WORK.

I used to play Tanki on Safari. Then the Flash problem cropped up. Upgrade to the latest plug-in, I was told. That didn't fix it. I was told to try Firefox. Same issue. Then told to try the Tanki client. That was before there WAS a Mac client, so obviously THAT didn't work. Then I was told to use the LAST version of the Flash client - they even gave me a download link. So I installed that. You can probably guess what happened... TANKI WOULDN'T LET ME USE THAT VERSION OF THE PLUG-IN BECAUSE IT WAS "OUT OF DATE". What SHOAIB.ZAFAR says is probably a solution, except Tanki wouldn't let it BE a solution! Tanki was requiring (probably still is) v.23. The last version that worked was v.22.

So That didn't work.

I tried Chrome - which works... but the graphics quality is HORRIBLE.

Then the VLOG declared that there was a Flash problem with the Mac plug-in (took them over a week to figure that out??), but the latest version of the plug=in would fix it.

The VLOG LIED! The latest Flash plugin was the same one I started out with.

Then I was told the Mac Client was out - and it is - but it's in Russian and it crashes!

I gave up on all the other choices that didn't work (and Chrome with its crappy graphics) and just used the Standalone Flash Player - which worked great (except it doesn't cache anything, so startup is painful) - but it stopped working tonight. So I sent in an email explaining the problem - and they sent me to this page, which clearly does not have any solutions.

If you're on a Mac, Chrome is the only solution I know of that (sort of) works. The graphics make it hard to play - but it will work - sort of.

All the other "solutions" appear to be dead - at least until Tanki pulls its collective head out and allows users to roll back and use Flash plugin v.22.

And Customer Service? If you didn't already know it, they're nothing but a huge waste of time. Just stop playing Tanki. And don't send them a dime for anything until they get a real Customer Service department.