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Can you list all the suggested solutions you tried? Maybe even post a picture of the situation. It may help us provide more tips.

If you register for closed beta, you will receive an e-mail with invitation code from Tanki at some point.

If you are ranked Captain, you have access to M2 modification. This update changed the way things work. It allows you to save crystals by 'skipping' the previous modifications. My advice - next time ignore micro-upgrading on lower levels and start investing into the micro-upgrades once you reach the M3 equipment. There are only two options if you want next modification of Hornet in your garage; either purchase Hornet M2 or save for M3 modification.

Hello, here are few more reasons why you may not be able to join your friend's battle;

- some battles may be inaccessible for you, if they are marked as PRO battles. To enter these, you need the PRO battle pass or premium account,

- in case of format battles you also need a matching equipment to join the battle (e.g. Hornet/Railgun for XP battles or Wasp/Railgun for BP battles).

This is the confirmation e-mail I received:

If your mail has the same structure and more importantly comes from the official sender (, then the download links should not contain any viruses.

Since you're using Firefox, try to clean your flash cache as well. Here is a guide how to do so.

Also for Help Site:

And for TO Forum:

1. Click on the Forum topic of V-log

2. Click on the link provided below the video - it will open a google form document (if you are viewing the video on YouTube, link is always in description of the video)

3. Choose your language

4. Provide your nickname and answer

5. Submit your answer

You don't have to explain why you buy or how much you do. Simply ignore the tankers that bother you. You can use the ignore option to hide their messages.