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In team battles (CTF, CP and TDM), you will always spawn in your team's base. In DM it's absolutely random, you can spawn anywhere on the map, since there are no teams to begin with. And I am not sure if listing the spawn places on Wiki or Forum topic would be beneficial, since spawning is based on absolute randomness.

it sometimes happen to me too, but I guess this can be signed to small problems with internet connection a.k.a lags/ micro-lags.

You don't have to be worry. The price for PRO battle pass around your rank won't be very high, so it should not affect your saving. Plus you will receive the option to create battles, freely manipulate the settings of battle and other smaller benefits. Just check the link provided.

For now you can get Gold box supply only from daily missions itself, it's not available as a gift for completing the mission chains. This comes from a special status of this particular supply that hugely differs from others.

The protective paints you bought in past before the update will still provide you protection in form of 'Legacy modules'. If you want to equip a certain protection, click on 'Protections' and equip the module you would like to use.


Always check these signs, it shows what settings are enabled or disabled in that particular PRO battle.

Grey color means it's disabled, white color means that option is enabled

Might be the case of someone trying to enter you account just like IHasTapower mentioned, I also have personal experience with that. Try to change your password.

Also after this update, it's no longer possible to get protection module against 4 turrets (if we do not count special modules for Premium, Helper, etc.)

Use it to your advantage. Even around generalissimo rank, many try to jump to take the gold box. In this particular map you have higher chance of taking the gold box while staying on the ground.

If you refresh, you will normally respawn back to the battle. You will only gain 1 death/loss, nothing else will change on your score.