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Yes, they reset every day at 20:59. From 21:00 your kills start to count again from 0.

You can start counting your kills from the number of total kills provided in your rating page or simply writing down all the kills you made in non-pro battles on paper and then just sum them all up at the end.

By the way, the kills don't have to be made exclusively with Striker, you can use any turret you like. Your kills start to count from 21:00 UTC and end the following day at 20:59 UTC. More info can be found here.

This often happens due to lags and I would directly compare it to the same phenomena as 'shooting through the walls'. I started to experience this especially when TO servers were filled on celebration days. It may look like you are hitting a tanker with some HP left, but in fact your opponent is already destroyed. This often affects all the tankers in that particular battle and can be, in my opinion, signed to connection problems.


Players can't be banned just because someone said so. If you think someone is violating the game rules, you have to provide an evidence in form of screenshot (for chat violations) or video (for game violations). You can find more information in chat violations section rules and game violations section rules.

Hello. The easiest way to do so is just putting Speed boost and using a nearby ramp. But, I think it would be best for you to check some parkour guides on Youtube. You can also check the parkour section of TO Forum and learn or inspire from tricks made by parkour clubs. If you would like to do some one man parkour (OMP) you can check a recent guide in TO Newspaper and learn more about tricks you can try out on your own.


check the instructions given here; I lost crystals/ exp./ items,

Clicking the red button should always do the work, if it's not working try to reload the page and clicking it again. If it still does not work, try to clear cookies from your history.

This should automatically sign you off your account.

Invitation codes are only given to official testers. You will have to wait till test servers will be open for public.

This occasionally happens even when you are shot directly by Railgun. After the balance update, Railgun's minimum and maximum damage was decreased in exchange for quicker reload. On the other hand, Wasp's and Hornet's HP stats slightly increased and have been event out. As a result, Railguns occasionally fail to destroy Wasp/Hornet in 2 shots (usually when shot by M2 Railguns or when Rail's shot damage value is calculated from the bottom bound of Railgun's damage range).

You can find more about the changes and new stats on official TO Wiki pages;

  • Turrets — Updates on all modifications (see wiki)
  • Hulls — Updates on all modifications (see wiki)
  • Alterations — Changes to reflect the changes in turret parameters (see wiki)

You can try to:

1. refresh the page when it happens again,

2. leave the battle, sign out and sign in again,

3. clear your browsing data, close your browser and restart it again or use downloadable client.

If the problem persists, provide a screenshot or detailed description of the problem.