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Hello. Try to clean your browser and flash cache. It might help.

Hello. Missions can only be done in Non-pro battles now. Read more here;

Yes, you need YouTube account as only YouTube links are accepted for the Video of the week.

Open the game and press Ctrl+0. It might help.

You can join only 1 clan. Once you join that clan, all other requests will be automatically disabled.

Try closing the tab and opening the forum in new one, alternatively close the browser and restart it again - then try to sign in.

Hello. This may be caused by connection problems (lags) or the anti cheat engine. I advise to check your internet connection or avoid high jumps while playing. It often causes tanks to self-destruct (it's one of the biggest drawbacks of anti cheat engine).

Check this source. It provides a solution on how to fix the #2130 error on flash. You may give it a try.

Hello. I am not 100% sure, but I think I read about this somwhere in the Forum. It appears some names (e.g. names of states ) are blocked in the nickname database by the system and thus can't be used by players.

You can receive premium account from missions for 3 hours. If you did not buy premium account, it's possible you claimed it from mission.