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Referral link is practically an invitation to the game send by the user. If the invited person creates a new account through your referral link (invitation) and then ranks or buy crystals, you get some crystal bonus in return.

This is how it looks in the game when you click on the friend icon.

Sorry, but I don't think this will be changed any time soon. If you want to use it on your main account you will have to save some crystals and buy the Magnum M1. If you just want to try it out, make a new account. You can try it right on the first rank of Recruit.

Just click the red x button in the right upper corner. It should automatically sign you out of the game. If you are using browser, you can also clear your cookies - that should also do the job, then you can switch to another account.

Hello. If you received 3 Gold Box supplies, it means you made between 250 to 499 kills in the Magnum giveaway. Protection modules were given only to players who made 1000 or more kills. If you received a module and then it disappeared, it's most likely because it was accidentally added to your account.

Hello. Please make sure that your clan topic met all the criteria for creating a clan. You can find all the requirements here. If your topic wasn't approved within 2 days it was probably rejected because it did not meet all the requirements. If you are positive your clan topic met all the requirements and the topic was not approved after 48 hours, please contact the eSports Officials through a Forum PM.

Hello. The system does not give you the next modification automatically. You fully MUed your M0 Dictator and it was your responsibility to claim it for free by click the purchase button before you ranked to First Lieutenant. Since you reached the rank that M2 Dictator unlocks you are no longer able to get your free M1 modification because you can now only purchase the highest modification on your rank (which is M2 Dictator). Unfortunately, I think you won't be able to avert this situation as it's not a bug or any error, this is how the system was set to work.

Hello. You will unfortunately pay the full prize regardless of what items you already own from that particular kit.

Hello. Due to the Patch Update #451, every mission can be completed only in the NON-PRO battles. If you can't complete the mission objective, it probably means you are playing a PRO Battle (they are marked with a star or a cup). To complete your battle objectives you must play normal battles.

Hello. This is probably caused by the massive number of players on that respective server which causes lags and other difficulties. I suggest to play on less populated servers. This situation should be automatically fixed once the server gets less occupied by players.

Following the Patch Update #451, missions can only be completed in Non-PRO battles. If your mission objectives are not being completed in the battles, it's most likely because you are playing PRO battles.

if the battle reward wasn't somehow added to your total crystal sum, contact the tech support through this form.