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Hello. Yes, there will be alterations for both Striker and Magnum. However, the current priority of developers is HTML5 version. Once that is finished, developers will focus their attention on new alterations. You can post your ideas for alterations here.

Can you please be more specific and clarify what do you mean by 'locations'?

Hey. There's not a rank requirement for joining a clan. Every clan has individual requirements for joining. Some clans only look for strong, experienced high ranked players, others may accept even a lower ranked players. Search in the Clan section of the Forum. You might find a clan suitable for you.

Hello. These bulk discounts have been removed from the game with Patch Update #449.

Hi. If you can't finish your missions or claim your prizes despite the fact you play in right battles, contact tech support through this form. Remember to mention everything regarding the situation. Even the slightest details will help them to solve your problem.

Hello. Non-PRO battles are not feature for premium users or PRO Pass owners. The only way to create a new Non-PRO battle is through Battle button. However, Battle button creates normal battles only if there is no battle available for your rank. It often sends you to already existing battles with other users.

Hello. Check the Graphics in your Settings menu. Maybe there are some unchecked boxes.

Can you please specify what you mean by 'Invite' ? Do you mean an invitation to the battle or something like a referral link?

Hello. If you are sure you clicked the upgrade button and you lost your crystals without getting the micro-upgrade notification and micro-upgrade itself, contact tech support through this form.

Yes. You will get 10% from the sum your referral bought for real money.