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Guys, keep in mind that you can only purchase the highest modification available for your rank. So, if you fully micro-upgraded M1 turret, but your rank already allows you to purchase M3, you will automatically loose the option to claim the M2 modification for free. The only solution you have is to buy the modification that you are currently offered.

Hello. Check this topic. It contains download link for TTT as well as other tools and editors.

This command represented a clue for Day 3 quest of 'THE GAME' - 2017 New Year edition. You can find out more about it in this topic.

Hi. Check this topic. It contains a lot of useful tools including the TTT.

Try switching to other servers. It's possible that there are simply no battles available for your rank on that particular server.

If you can't find battles on any server, try clearing your browser and flash cache, switching your browser to another browser or switching to the client version or standalone player.

Hello. You can't login to Wiki because this option is reserved for official Wiki editors only.

If you haven't been banned and you still can't use the chat despite the fact your rank allows the use of it, contact tech support through this form. Mention all the details and attach the screenshot of the problem.

Daily missions can only be completed in non-PRO battles now. This change was implemented by Patch Update #451.

Sorry. You can't log out from your account on Steam right now.

Hi. Does the upgrade button show a timer like this;

If yes, then you didn't purchase the speed up and your upgrade will be finished in the time showed on the button. If you are sure that isn't the case and you lost crystals for the micro-upgrade step without actually getting it, contact tech support through this form.