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That's probably because your Internet connection was not fast enough to load the game. Try restarting your router and refreshing the page.

If that does not help, try clearing your browser cache or running Tanki as a separate application.


You can only purchase the highest modification of item available at your rank.

You have an problem with the Internet, try turning off your internet for 2 minutes and then on again.
If the problem persists, then you need to solve it with the provider.

This is how it looks, But the battle thumbnails or whatever will get little bit of cropped as they are 4:3.

Due to the new update, Missions can only be done in Non-Pro battles.

For more information about the update check this topic: Patch Update #451

Please send an email to and tell them about your problem. After making sure the account is yours, they will set a new password.


You can get latest version of TankViewer here.

Currently Tanki X is in closed beta testing. Tanki invites random people to Tanki X via invite code. In order to get invite code you must have to sign up at Tanki X web site.

Yes, I am an active Tanki X user since 1.5 months.

Since you haven't turned on Hardware Acceleration, turn it on so that you can experience high graphics on your pc.

Here's how to do it

  1. Open Tanki Online.
  2. Right click anywhere and Click Settings.
  3. Select First Tab Which is Display.
  4. Check "Enable Hardware Acceleration"
  5. Restart the game.

Yup! That's all.