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Yes, that is good enough to play Tanki. 

Simply just refresh and your problem will be solved. :)

Restarting your router should solve this unless your internet is very slow.

If that doesn't help then  Clean Flash Shared Objects.

Only players who purchased EN faction paint and completed at least 5 turns were eligible to receive the War paint. If you did purchase EN faction paint and completed 5 turns and still haven't received the paint then contact TechSupport using this form.

Do you get a pop-up to allow Flash Player when you open Tanki? If you do, then click on allow and your problem will be solved. If you don't get a pop-up, then you will have to allow it from your browser settings. 

Here is an updated chart. Please note, all sub-divisions of legend rank receive the same amount of crystals, which is 40K Crystals.Referals new en.jpg

This is not the right place to submit your answer.  The submission form of Question Of The Week of V-LOG 164 is this: Question of the Week Submissions. Please note the form is always provided in the Youtube video description and on the forum topic of V-LOG. Only submit qotw answer using the form provided there. 

The first one sounds more like lag than a bug. What is your average Ping and FPS?

If you want to report bugs/glitches, you can report them here.