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A product kit will become unavailable after you pass the rank needed to buy all equipment in the kit. e.g. Take Bulldog for example. If you pass the rank that you can buy M1 Hornet or Hammer M1 or Alien, you will no longer be able to purchase the product kit.

Please do not guilt trip the moderators, it's very easy to pass a topic. They have much to do, answering all these questions! Just as a shout-out to the moderators: Thanks for all you guys do!

No, they will not. Only the premium account and the paint (The paint disappears, right?) will disappear.

That happens to me too... whenever I just type "" it goes to "" instead of "". Not sure why... hope it gets answered soon.

Lol, once, in a 1v1 DM, a gold dropped on the first kill. I was so happy, especially because I got it. ^.^