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That is not fair even low rank guys have the wish to have a duel (I indirectly mentioned myself)

I caught 3 of them yesterday and one today due to titan

Don't worry. Get him hulls like dictator, titan, Hunter modifications [m1,m2, m3]. 2 goldbox especially at work is a great thing itself. Cheer up and follow the tips given by everyone and catching includes luck so never be disappointed.

Hi guys.I have a great experience at tanki online.perhaps you could friend me.Some tips of mine are :

1)You must be aware of the maps of box zone areas.if you do not know then follow some people or take a look at crowded areas

2)Play in 30 and 60 minute battles.There is a big chance of goldbug droppings (lol,look at the word droppings)

3)Look at a post called goldbug drop zones (I think so) for the goldbug drop zones

awesome bro.i believe that it is not any fake

lol dude. stop lieing.ppl who find his answer true pls put a negative mark to me.:p

there are some tips:

1] play in 30 or 60 minute battles.

2] the chances of gold box fall I think is great in the map "monte carlo".

3]if it falls ,you obviously must know drop zones .if u don't then follow the place with crowds.

[these are just tips from a experienced tanker and believed to be true]

moderators ,i have done the same thing but it tells that "chat command failed" . if u have the rights to ban then ban a player named aen11 .he has the jump hack but I don't have any vital evidence but believe me .I met him in an other hacked account named himaneeshtanker0909 and the suspects are my classmates named sidd11111.

GUYS,I HAVE THE SAME bad of the problem . I cant even get into the shows that loading bar and goes to the last end but then the game doesn't appear .pls help me