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They will never aknoledge they sponsored cheating, and provide a few with advantage, both in protection and damage, over the general cannon fodder population. That's why we can see impossíble things going on permanently. like a hunter still alive after being fired upon by 2 Thunders and an isida.

Those voting down on answers that make sense are the ones that benefit from TO sponsored advantage over the general cannon fodder players. They do not want everyone to make much fuss about certain things.

YAaaa downvote as if a care...

Then the developers remove self damage from Thunder. Or add self damage to all turrets.

That way only people who press self destruct can be penalized and not the ones with pathetic turrets in close quarter combat.

This is another example of TO sponsored Cheating.

So this is another way TO sponsors cheating. A player with Thunder in CQB must allow himself to be destroyed without fire back., to not loose the pathetic kills he have. As if a Thunder get many kills....

1) Ignore my new post. It just happen again multiple times and I posted when still very upset. I didn't realize there was an answer, even if thit is not an answer at all.

2) NO.

I do not have a video.

It cannot be seen in video, since the tank reborn sluggish, for the first 2 to 3 seconds, meaning it does not develop speed after reborn. At least happen with my Hornet m3 +41/50 without freeze protection.

Capturing 3 flags in 1 minute?
When can I or you do that?
At least did you read all I wrote? There is no chance to catch 3 flags if Hornet m3 with 9/25 micro update protection still can be killed by single shots every time.

I realise now, that you are not here to seriously answer any question. All your answers are not direct and are diverted to out of the point.

The point is, what is the rational of it, to allow vulcan to stop maneuvering of light hulls when are fired upon by it? So Vulcan not only destroy them fast as also prevent them to fight, or escape. In my dictionary that is sponsored cheating.

Is TO sponsoring cheating?
So it's an advantage of the Vulcan, that means it is a feature inserted in game logic to always ensure Vulcan advantage in any circumstance against light Hulls.

So, tell me what is exactly the rational of it?

Hornet has advantages too?
Can you enumerate all of them? I mean enumerate, all advantages of hornet? Beyond that of being killed by single shaft shot, often killed by single Hammer shot, often killed by single railgun shot, killed almost instantly by firebird, killed by 3 smoky shots (that takes about 3 seconds), killed in a blink of an eye by isida?
I knew that at some point you'd come up with the "splash damage" demagogy, as if that was the answer to my question. Let's see...

Firebird only has to briefly sneeze to kill almost everyone with light hulls around it. It may not survive for a long time, but the firebird damage still goes on like a ticking clock. Basicaly it's killing by procuration. That is basically splash damage for firebird. Almost the same for freeze!

Railgun can kill one tank hidden behind a steel ramp. Can kill 2 in a row, and I already has been destroyed by a railgun aiming as much as 30 degrees off from me. So more often than not, railgun can kill basically 2 to 3 in one single shot (someone called it railgun hummpf that thing of hit a tank even failing to shot directly) and usually they even don't need to aim sooooo well to make a kill! That is basically splash damage for railgun! A single railgun hit takes about 95% life of my hornet hull. Not much I can do after that.

Shaft can kill more than one in a single shot, should hulls be close enough. Basically they have "Splash Damage" too!

Hammer, is quite effective at medium and even long range. Hammer's aiming cone allows it to do massive damage to several hulls, I already saw hammer killing 4 tanks with a shot. That is the same as "Splash Damage" but for hammer! A single direct hammer shot at close range is enough to kill my "100% life" Hornet.

And even when hidden behind a building corner seeing the black smoke of firebird, my Hornet suddenly become red and explode. And what about the Hammer magic shots hitting me when I just put myself far out of their eyes behind the corner of a building?

You may NOT call it "Splash Damage" but basically all weapons have Splash Damage.

My question was not about splash damage or about the tweaking set of settings each weapon has, but about the fairness of, having a so short live expectancy with a soo long recharge rate that my only possible shot may be wasted because a rapid fire rate (smoky) weapon is hitting me with EVERY hit sending my aim straight to nowhere. That is valid for smoky as rápid fire weapon, and in less extension to railgun, Hammer. And with Vulcan, I can't even go forward, or turn left or right when I receive direct frontal hits from vulcan. Soo, with Vulcan it's like light hulls cannot even maneuvering to try to escape!
You know that "Splash damage" thing for Thunder is not as effective as direct hit, but Splash damage is effective destroying itself. And with a soo weak damage for Thunder, I realy thing what the hell Thunder is worth for?

My m3 Hornet is destroyed by some single railguns shots. I need 3 m3 thunder shots to kill some Hornets (I've already saw one Hornet without DA that needs 4 Thunder shots to be destroyed withoud DD), also it is needed 3 Thunder shots to kill some m3 Wasp's, 5 Thunder shots to kill Viking's and so on... 5 Thunder Shots means staying alive for more than 13 seconds when on average I can only manage to stay alive for about 5 seconds when not less.

But maybe you can tell me what KEY should I press, to compulsory gather all tanks in a single place, so I can exercise my Thunder's "Splash Damage" thing. Because no players gather so close that I can Splash Damage them, and the only time I could do it is when gold box is drooping, when all other tanks are gather together in double armor, or activating Repair kit, rendering my "Splash Damage" thing useless as well.