What are Hull Augments?

What are Hull Augments?

Hull Augments have finally made a breakthrough into Tanki Online! These unique augments can provide various useful effects to your tank, from extra boosts of protections to some never-seen-before craziness! In this article, we will talk about each type of Hull Augment, what each one does, and other useful information that you should know about this new garage stuff!

How do you get Hull Augments?

Hull Augments can be found in a variety of places, including:

  • Containers
  • Ultra Containers (only available during special events)
  • Garage


Ultra Containers:


The rarity/costs for these Augments differ between each Augment, and are based on the bonuses each augment provides. For example, the Heat Resistance Augment is available for crystals, and is listed as a Rare item (blue color) in Containers, but the Heat Immunity Augment is more expensive, being available only for Tankoins, and is listed as an Epic item (purple color).

What types of Hull Augments are there, and what do they do?

There are currently eight different Hull Augments, and they include:

  • Heat Resistance - Available for 245,000 crystals, Rare rarity
  • Heat Immunity - Available for 4990 Tankoins, Epic rarity
  • Cold Resistance - Available for 245,000 crystals, Rare rarity
  • Cold Immunity - Available for 4990 Tankoins, Epic rarity
  • EMP Immunity - Available for 4990 Tankoins, Epic rarity
  • Stun Immunity - Available for 4990 Tankoins, Epic rarity
  • Heavyweight Construction - Available for 4990 Tankoins, Epic rarity
  • Lightweight Construction - Available for 4990 Tankoins, Epic rarity
  • AP Immunity - Available for 4990 Tankoins, Legendary rarity

Here is what each of these augments does:

Heat Resistance:

As the name suggests, this augment helps aide the user from the effects of afterburn from Firebird (without Incendiary Mix augment), Incendiary Rounds (Smoky augment), Incendiary Band (Vulcan augment), Dragon's Breath (Hammer augment), and as well as the overheating from Vulcan for too long. This augment helps reduce the active time that the tank is burning by half as much (the firing effects wear off twice as fast while using this augment).

Image from Gyazo

Heat Immunity:

Similar to Heat Resistance, this augment helps reduce the burning effects on the user's tank. This augment, unlike Heat Resistance, makes the tank completely immune to heating, which significantly helps the user in combat against any turret/augment that does firing damage, including self-heating. With this in mind, we have a tip for you. Use Vulcan with this augment equipped. Doing so will allow you to shoot eternally, without taking any pesky self-damage. Here is an example of using this augment (in the way we described):

Cold Resistance:

This augment helps aide the freezing effects of Freeze (without Corrosive Mix), Cryo Rounds (Smoky augment), and the Dictator's Overdrive (if you are within the radius of an opponent using this Overdrive). This augment causes your tank to recover twice as fast from these freezing effects, allowing you to return to your quick rate of driving much quicker.

Image from Gyazo

Cold Immunity:

Similar to the Cold Resistance augment, this augment helps your tank against any freezing effect, but completely. This augment makes you immune to any freezing effects, making it so you can drive at your original rate of travel across the whole map, without having to deal with people trying to slow you down with those effects.

EMP Immunity:

If you are constantly annoyed by losing your supplies due to Hunter's Overdrive or Gauss's Electromagnetic Salvo augment, this augment is perfect for you! This augment makes you immune to losing your supplies due to either of those effects, increasing your odds of defeating someone in close-range combat that are making use of those effects. However, you will still become immobile due to Hunter's Overdrive.

Image from Gyazo

Stun Immunity:

This augment is perfect for those who get constantly annoyed by people using Hunter's Overdrive to cause them to become immobile, and drop a flag or rugby ball (if holding one). This augment protects your tank from becoming immobile, allowing you to continue whatever you were doing, such as your attempt at pulling a flag back to your team's base. However, this augment does not protect your tank from the loss of supplies that comes with Hunter's Overdrive, it only allows you to continue moving after receiving this shock.

Image from Gyazo

Heavyweight Construction:

This augment causes the user's tank to become much heavier, helping the user to not flip as often, as well as increasing the amount the user can push someone, perfect for pushing people off the drop zone of a Gold Box. Meanwhile, this augment makes the hull worse for parkour, as flying or jumping with this augment is highly difficult. Here is an example of using this augment (the video was shot in space mode, and yet, the tank is much more difficult to push):

Image from Gyazo

Lightweight Construction:

When using this augment, your tank becomes much lighter (roughly as light as a Wasp Mk1), making the effects of incoming impact force much stronger. This augment doesn't really serve any purpose in battles, but is very useful in the Parkour mode, as flying or jumping with this augment is highly easy.

Video Tutorial~

Video tutorial for Hunter's Hull Augments:

That's all the information you need to know regarding Hull Augments! We wish you the best of luck in receiving these augments from Containers or Ultra Containers, or if your luck isn't the best, you can buy them in the Garage. We also hope you can use this guide to help yourself master these augments to the best of your ability! If you have any further questions, please leave them in the comments section of this topic below.

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