How to clear Shared Objects?

Shared Objects of the Adobe Flash Player actually have nothing to do with updates, they just store password hash, ignore list and game settings. The Flash Player saves data not only in the browser cache, but on the hard drive as well. This data should also be cleared from time to time, just like cache.

Please note that when clearing Shared Objects, you will also be deleting your saved password, chat blacklist and game settings.

Ways to delete Shared Objects~

Method #1:
1. Right-click anywhere in the game screen and choose Settings.
2. Click on the 'Local Storage' tab and move the slider to 0 and click “OK”.
3. Refresh the page, choose “Already Registered”, and enter your nickname and password. After that a window will appear where you need to click “Allow”.

Method #2:

1. Close the game.
2. Enter the Flash Player settings manager.
3. Click on 'Website Storage Settings' tab.
4. Find in the list. There can be many addresses. Since there is no search function, you can sort the websites listed there by name to find it easily.
5. Click on 'Delete website'. There is also a button called 'Delete all sites' that you can use. But please note that if you click on it, you can lose all settings of other games, video players, etc.

Method #3:

1. Download and open CCleaner.

2. Click on the "Cleaner" icon and open the 'Applications' tab.

3. Under 'Multimedia', select 'Adobe Flash Player'.

4. Select 'Clear cookies'.

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