HTML5 Tanki on Chrome OS - Discontinuing Flash 12/01/2020

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I've been playing this game for years, different accounts, however I play on a chrome OS (a chromebook), with flash being disabled tomorrow, I will be losing countless accounts, most of which have had a ton of money spent on them. My phones are all IOS, and this is the only computer I can use.. 

Does anyone know another way I can carry on playing? Or is this too much of an extreme?

You can only download Tanki Online, if your on a window's computer.. 

My main accounts (all of which I play on here) have been in several pro tournament games, but i'm guessing all of these and the money spent will be (not lost) useless, until I get a window's computer??

Does anyone have an ideas on how I could carry on playing on a Chrome OS?



You're lucky! You can always play the game on browsers or smartphones.

Have you tried installing the HTML5 client? What happens when you do so?

Check out the HTML5 installation guide HERE.

Let me know if you need any more assistance. 

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As this is a chromebook, as far as I know the downloads are only designed for Windows, and Mac's, so i'm unable to download and carry on playing, once flash goes. Is there any way that I would be able to carry on?

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