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Long loading time since server disconnection recently

sif123 12 месяцев назад обновлен Mr.Nibbles 12 месяцев назад 6

I have noticed that tanki is lagging so much after the server disconnection recently..like, loading the garage is taking so much time ,not entering the battle.So I have cleared cache of tanki and not worked.Then I thought its my connection problem but no,its not my connection problem cuz my pubg,freefire and youtube is working without any lag..So plz tell me what should i do now!!


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Hey, please find the solution(s) here. These solutions should work for any PC version of Tanki.

Also, I believe you mean "server maintenance" by "server disconnection", let me know if I'm wrong so I could make sure I have provided you with an accurate answer, as much as possible.

Hey I don't know why that problem was but the problem is fixed now...Thank you for your valuable time.BTW it was not my connection problem))

That's delightful to hear! Would you mind letting us know what solved your problem so that it might be helpful for other Tankers in the future?

BTW it was not my connection problem))

To bring it to your attention, the link I provided doesn't only focus on solutions related to network connections. 

Actually I have done many things like clearing cache of flash player,re-installing tanki  and so on..But  which one actually worked I don't know!!

But one thing,I am facing so much errors in flash version!

This unfortunately is an issue that won't be fixed. The Flash client is already being planned on being destroyed very soon (by the end of the year, at the very latest), and the Developers are no longer focusing on fixing anything with that version, nor adding new stuff into that version specifically, as it will just die off, and not be worth the effort. The only way to play in a nice error-free environment is by playing with the new HTML5 version (either the browser or client, the client is much smoother however). You can find information about how to install the HTML5 version in this article.

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