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i can not invite my friends to the clan

legendary20 3 года назад обновлен Regency 2 года назад 2

i can not invite my friends to the clan,i click the button for it and nothing happens.


Only the players promoted from Veteran rank are able to invite players into the clan, perhaps if you're matching the first condition check below:

Have verified your clan settings, as you or one of your graded member might have changed the minimum rank for entering in the clan.

Make sure there is available spots in the clan, as the number of member is limited to 12.

If he just recently left his/her clan he/she has to wait 24hours until joining another clan.

He can not join any other clang tag if he is member of one already.

Your friend can also decides to decline your invitation, or simply suspend the invitation by neither accepting or declining.

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