Question about logging in with multiple accounts

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Dear Sir/Madam,

I just wanted to ask a question about logging in to multiple Tanki accounts at the same time. I have several accounts in the game (over 20) however when a sale comes I often want to microupgrade or buy items on all accounts, but with the long load time on my connection to log into the game, and to the garage it actually takes a huge amount of time to do this logging into each account one by one.

I have discovered it would be possible to do this much faster if I logged in to several accounts at the same time on new browser tabs, and sort garage on one account while another is loading. I just wanted to check however if this is allowed under tanki game rules.

So the question I wanted to ask is: "Is it allowable to have multiple tanki accounts open at the same time on different browser tabs (lets say - 5 accounts open at once), as long as you are only using the garage and not actually playing in any games with any of the accounts?"

I know that there are some people who try to mult and play games with multiple accounts in one game, I certainly would never do that. I just wanted to ask if it is allowable to use the garage only on multiple accounts at the same time, as this would be a great time - saver. I am aware that tanki may have restictions on multiple log - ins for various reasons, so just wanted to check, thanks!




Yes, I believe it's allowed as long as you follow the Game rules.

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