Why isn't the Wiki opening?

Zanlasha_G 3 года назад обновлен Biggest_Noob 3 года назад 11

Every time I open a page that is linked to the Tanki Wiki, I get a "connection reset" and an inability to reach the page. I have check checked my network settings, my antivirus and firewall, my connection, etc. Nothing has helped. Is it because of current maintenance on the site? How can this problem be resolved?

Can you please show a screenshot of your error? 

Do you get this error on any other website or is it just tanki wiki?

It doesn't work on any browser and not even on my phone.

I cropped the screenshot because of privacy, but that shouldn't matter.

This is what I get when using Chrome, and this only happens with the Tanki Wiki.

You might be able to open it in incognito mode of chrome. Have you tried any other browser?

As I said, "It doesn't work on any browser and not even on my phone." I also tried incognito mode, and that didn't work either. 

 I think you should contact the TechSupport. They might be able to help you.

Hey, I'm a Wiki Editor, sorry just saw this topic. I know it's quite late, but, is the Wiki working for you now?

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